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Phase One Curriculum

Take the opportunity to submit and discuss your de-identified case study for feedback from team of early intervention and early childhood specialists. To submit a case for presentation during an ECHO clinic, please email Jenni Mathews at jhmathews@vcu.edu.

Previous Sessions

16-Week Curriculum Topics

Session 1: Program Introduction: Preventing and Limiting the Spread of COVID-19 in Nursing Homes

Session 2: Infection Prevention Management: Guidance and Practical Approaches for Use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) during COVID-19

Session 3: Infection Prevention and Management: Approaches to Cohorting during COVID-19

Session 4: Infection Prevention and Management: Promoting Solutions for Making the Built Environment Safer During COVID-19

Session 5: Infection Prevention and Management: Guidance for Cleaning & Disinfecting During COVID-19

Session 6: COVID-19 Testing for Nursing Homes

Session 7: COVID-19 Community Transmission and Nursing Home Screening Strategies

Session 8: Staff Returning to Work Safely During COVID-19

Session 9: Interprofessional Team Management of Mild Cases of COVID-19

Session 10: Advance Care Planning in the Time of COVID-19

Session 11: Promoting Safe Care Transitions During COVID-19 — Admission, Discharges and Transfers

Session 12: Ethics and Managing Social Isolation During COVID-19: Perspectives on Staff and Residents

Session 13: The Role of Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) in Managing and Supporting Residents and Families during COVID-19

Session 14: Promoting Safe Visitation and Nursing Home Re-opening During COVID-19

Session 15: Supporting the Emotional Well-being of Staff Caring for Residents During COVID-19

Session 16: Effective Leadership and Communication During COVID-19