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Early Intervention Project ECHO

What is Project ECHO?

We use the Project ECHO model (Extension for Community Health Outcomes) to build mentoring-based learning networks that connect subject matter experts to Early Intervention providers and supervisors across Virginia.

Quotes from Early Intervention Project ECHO Participants:

  • "I enjoyed the format with the presentation and then a system level need and the collaboration of ideas"
  • "I loved the structure of the meetings and the facilitation. It was very well organized, and the format lent itself to discussion and problem solving amongst a large group of people online. Not an easy feat!"
  • "The presentation and discussions kept me engaged in learning."

Early Intervention Project ECHO at VCU Health

Past ECHO Clinic (no longer offering):

For more information on the Early Intervention Project ECHO at VCU, please contact Jackie Robinson Brock at robinsonjb3@vcu.edu.

Content posted within the Early Intervention Project ECHO is made possible by funding from the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (DBHDS).