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What Patients Are Saying

“I ate real food, had a blast in a group and am now able to say I am at an acceptable BMI for the first time in years. But the most important thing is I have kept it off for 2 years!” - Terry, Patient

“I’m overwhelmed with what this lifestyle change has done for me. Besides feeling like a new person, almost no knee pain, and the support I’ve had on this journey, I now know it can be done with proper guidance and determination. Thank you Dr. Wolver, thank you.” - Charanda, Patient

“This is a great group and a fantastic doctor. If you want to lose weight, stick to the plan. You can and will lose the weight. This has been a life changing experience for me. I have lost 45 lbs. so far and I’m feeling great. You already have taken the first step to a new you, so keep taking small steps and you will get there. Good luck.” -Bruce, Patient

“You can keep it simple, but there is a plethora of good food options so that you won’t get bored. Low carb burgers, steak, salmon, naked chicken wings if you eat out and steamed veggies with butter. Cravings go away after a while. Felt like a miracle to me. I would have killed for cake and donuts, but not anymore. We are stronger than food! - Tima, Patient

“This is very do-able. I love eating ‘real’ food.” -Carol, Patient