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Tappahannock Providers

Our team of highly trained physicians are committed to providing quality care from diagnosis to treatment. Learn more about our VCU Health Tappahannock physicians below. 

Cancer care, hematology, oncology

Vikrant Brar, M.D. 

Susan Herndon, N.P.

Khalid Matin, M.D.

Edward B. Perkins, M.D.


Emergency Medicine

Robert Culley IV, D.O.

Emmeth Daniel, M.D.

Lisa Dodd, D.O. (LP)

James Dudley, M.D.

William Gartlan, D.O.

Alex Mensah, M.D.

Diane Semizian, M.D. (LP)



Waring Trible, M.D.



Mohammed Salahaldin M. Abdulghani, MBBCh

Faisal Almeflehi, M.D. (L.P.)

Yanal Alnimer, M.D.

Abla Awadh, M.D. (L.P.)

Patrick Hill, N.P.

Mohannad Jabbari, M.D. 


Orthopaedic Surgery

Paul D. Franklin, N.P.

Tyler Wind, M.D.


Pain Management

John Michael Barsanti, M.D.

Stephen P. Long, M.D.



Wirt Cross, M.D.

Reginald K. Mason, M.D.

Stephanie Oetting, DNP