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Children's Tower - Children's Emergency Entrance


1001 E. Marshall Street

Richmond,VA 23219


Children's Tower - Children's Emergency Entrance

Valet parking (FREE)

  • We recommend families use our FREE, 24/7 valet services for the most convenient access to the ER. 
  • Enter the ER drive under the large Children's Emergency sign on Marshall Street.
  • Take an immediate LEFT when you enter the ER drive and pull up to the valet stand.
  • After you valet, enter the tower and take the elevator to Level 3 to access the ER

Self-parking (FREE)

  • If you prefer not to valet, enter the Children's Parking Deck at 341 N. 10th Street.
  • Enter at the valet entrance.
  • Turn left at the bottom of the ramp into the Children's Emergency self-parking area.
  • Take the elevator to Level 3 for the ER. 
  • NOTE: You must park in this special Children's Emergency area in order to gain access to the ER elevators. If you park in the regular self-park area of the Children's Parking Deck, you will NOT have direct access to the ER and this could delay your arrival. 

Explore the Children's Tower, level-by-level