For safety alerts related to protests in downtown Richmond, visit alert.vcu.edu.

Covid-19 (Coronavirus): For information related to COVID-19, visit vcuhealth.org/covid-19. For information specific to children and families, visit Children's Hospital of Richmond at VCU.

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If you are having a medical emergency, please call 911. After completing this form, a representative from the VCU Health Patient Appointment Center will contact you within 1-2 business days to facilitate scheduling an in-person or virtual visit. For faster assistance, please call 800-762-6161.

Note: Due to COVID-19, you may experience longer than usual wait/hold times. For information related to COVID-19 and impacts to appointments, visit vcuhealth.org/covid-19
If you are a provider, please fill out our patient referral form.  If you are a student, please refer to University Student Health Services for an appointment. *Denotes required field Who is this appointment for?  *What type of provider do you need to see?  *What type of provider do you need to see?  *Do you have a preferred provider? Do you have a preferred location? Briefly describe the reason for the visit: 

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