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Billing & Finance

Billing Your Insurance Company

We think the fewer things our patients have to worry about, the better. That is why we file your insurance claims for you. Most insurance plans cover your hospital bill but often leave you a deductible or co-pay amount. You should remember that hospitalization payment is a contract between you and your insurance company. You have the final responsibility for payment of your hospital bill, and payment is due once insurance has paid. We have several payment options available to assist you in making satisfactory pay arrangements.

The bill you receive from CMH is for hospital services only. If you came through the Emergency Department, you will receive a separate bill from the ED Physician. You may receive certain tests that require interpretation by doctors that you do not see but were involved in making proper diagnosis of your condition. You will receive a separate bill from them as well. These bills would include Pathologists, Radiologists, Cardiologists and other Specialists. If you have questions about their bill, please call the number printed on the statement you received from them.

Payment Arrangements

If you do not have medical insurance, or if your insurance company requires a deductible or co-payment, you will be expected to pay when you leave as an in-patient. These payments are expected at the time of service for out-patient visits. If you cannot make payment in full, please call our financial counselors at (888) 803-0082 to set up a pay agreement or apply for financial assistance at (804) 828-0966.

You can also apply for financial assistance by visiting our page on Financial Assistance.

  • Collections Policy – Download a pdf version of our Credit and Collections Policy here.
Now you can pay your CMH bills online. 
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