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Pay Your Bill Online

ONLY for VCU Health Community Memorial Hospital & CMH Physician Practices.


Make VCU Health CMH bill payment


Make CMH Physician Services bill payment 


Instead, if you are looking to pay a VCU Health bill (Richmond), please click here:  VCU Health 


Cash, check and most major credit cards are accepted for payment. Please ask for a receipt if one is not offered to you.

This includes:

  • CMH Cardiology 
  • CMH Ear, Nose & Throat & Pulmonology 
  • CMH Family Care Center 
  • CMH Orthopedic Service
  • CMH Pain Management Services 
  • CMH Surgical Services
  • CMH Urological Services 
  • CMH Women’s Health Services

Questions about your bill?

VCU Health CMH bill call (434) 447-0922
CMH Physician Services bill call (434) 447-0923

*No refunds are available for services rendered. If a payment was made in error and needs adjusting please call: (434) 447-0808