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Labor and Delivery

Families can once again experience the joy of childbirth close to home with the opening of our beautiful Garland Birthing Center.

Learn more about pregnancy and birth at VCU Health Community Memorial Hospital.

The Garland Birthing Center has four LDRP (labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum) rooms.  Upon arriving, moms are made comfortable in a birthing room to experience a family-centered labor, delivery and recovery. Members of the family, including the new baby, will have the opportunity to stay in the same spacious room for the duration of their visit.  There will also be a Cesarean section suite located on the same floor.  

Patients, families and visitors will enjoy the modern and bright décor with natural lighting and many warm, comfortable features.  

Your partners, every step of the way.

At the Garland Birthing Center, we set the standard for collaborative obstetrical care—with our physicians, Dr. Eric Reinertson, Dr. Rameesh Seeras, and our certified nurse-midwife, Terry Wootten working together to ensure the best possible outcome for moms and babies.  Dr. Reinertson, Dr. Seeras,Terry Wootten and our nurses will provide our patients with comprehensive planning, care, monitoring and support-right up to (and after) birth.

Group Prenatal Care

Group Prenatal Care is group prenatal care with a personal touch Learn more my visiting CMH Women's Health Services.