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Our priority is the health and safety of each member of our Trauma Center family and our community. In light of continuing concerns about the spread of COVID-19, we have made the decision to celebrate the 2021 Shining Knight Gala virtually. Please register below for the free Zoom virtual Shining Knight Gala.


Questions? Contact Amanda Van Thunen, Event Planner for the Shining Knight Gala, at Amanda.VanThunen@vcuhealth.org

Since this year's event will be held virtually, we are partnering with Mosaic Catering to create catered meals for our local viewers to enjoy at home to enhance the gala experience. Some of the proceeds will benefit the VCU Trauma Center. Here are links to those dinner options:

Honoring Those Who Protect and Save Lives in Central Virginia

Each year at the gala, dozens of Shining Knights are recognized for their role in saving the life of one specific trauma patient with net proceeds from the gala benefitting injury and violence prevention programs at and through the VCU Medical Center. Whether someone conducted CPR, performed a surgical procedure, provided emotional support or physical help at a vital time, we all have Shining Knights who have touched our lives who deserve to be honored and thanked.

People clapping and hugging at the Shining Knight Gala event.

We are proud to invite you to become involved in showing your gratitude to a special Shining Knight in your own life. Every year, the Shining Knight Gala's website and event program feature a Personal Shining Knight Honor Wall where people are able to honor their own Shining Knights through a $50 contribution.

Names of Shining Knights are listed alphabetically and those honoring their Shining Knights have the option to remain anonymous or have their name shared as well.

By supporting the Shining Knight Gala through sponsorships, ticket purchases, or the Honor Wall you enable us to fund and continue our vitally important Injury and Violence Prevention Programs in the central Virginia community. Without private support, these life-changing and life-saving programs would not be sustainable. We appreciate your support of our mission of preventing injury and violence.