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Our Services

VCU Health Cancer and Specialty Care at South Hill is provided in partnership with VCU Massey Comprehensive Cancer Center, Virginia’s leading cancer treatment center. The Massey medical team treats adult cancers, including complex and rare cancers, and blood disorders. The medical team includes top-notch cancer specialists and oncology-trained nurses who are committed to providing compassionate, advanced care. Through respectful, attentive and personalized care, our medical team builds “healing relationships” with patients that help reduce suffering and death from cancer.

A room with a nursing station and six bays with green chairs and medical equipment in each.Medical Oncology

Medical oncology is a form of cancer treatment involving the use of drugs to kill cancer cells, keep cancer from spreading, slow the cancer’s growth and/or relieve pain and symptoms that may be caused by cancer. Led by Nemer Junior El Mouallem, M.D., medical director at VCU Health Cancer and Specialty Care on behalf of Massey, the medical oncology clinic provides chemotherapy, hormone therapy, immunotherapy, and other infusions, medications and targeted agents. Dr. El Mouallem is also trained to provide palliative care, which aims to provide quality of life for the critically ill by managing pain and symptoms and addressing psychological, emotional and spiritual needs. 




Equipment that delivers radiation for cancer patients in a room with a lit ceiling resembling trees and sky.Radiation Oncology

Radiation oncology is a form of cancer treatment using high-energy rays aimed directly at cancer tumors to kill cancer cells, keep cancer from spreading, slow the cancer’s growth and/or relieve pain and symptoms that may be caused by cancer. Massey is the only radiation therapy provider in the Southern Virginia region. The two organizations opened the area’s first radiation treatment center – the Solari Radiation Therapy Center – in July 2013. Led by Timothy Wallace, M.D., radiation oncology director at VCU Health Cancer and Specialty Care in partnership with Massey, the radiation center offers high-tech radiation treatment. With the use of a Varian Clinac® linear accelerator, CMH-Massey provides image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT), intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) and stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT).   


Hematology is the treatment of blood diseases. In addition to medical oncology, Dr. El Mouallem also specializes in hematology and can provide expert care for hematologic malignancies and other blood disorders.

Clinical Trials

VCU Health Cancer and Specialty Care's patients have access to Massey’s cutting-edge clinical trials, which offer them added and advanced treatment options. Massey provides one of the largest offerings of clinical trials in Virginia, with more than 150 studies on more than 20 types of cancer. Clinical trials are research studies that evaluate new medical treatments and devices and increase scientific understanding of a wide variety of diseases. Trials are important because of the advances in cancer medicine that come from new ideas and approaches developed through research. A vast majority of treatments that are standard today were first shown to be effective in clinical trials. Ask your doctor if a clinical trial is right for you.

Genetic Counseling

Through telemedicine, VCU Health Cancer and Specialty Care's patients have access to Massey’s expert geneticists and genetic counselors for the diagnosis of genetic conditions and assessment of cancer risk, including genetic testing, cancer screening recommendations and comprehensive discussion of cancer preventive measures.

Nutritional Counseling

Nutrition plays an imperative role in a patient’s well-being during cancer treatment. A licensed dietitian is available to help address any personal dietary needs.

Pharmacy Services

Licensed pharmacists are trained to support cancer patients and are available to answer questions concerning any course of treatment. Pharmacists at VCU Health Community Memorial Hospital are knowledgeable in all chemotherapy agents and are responsible for the correct mixing and dispensing of these medications.

Social Services

A trained social worker is available to assist cancer patients in finding resources to meet any needs, such as support groups, financial assistance or transportation to and from treatment.

Pastoral Care

Professional healthcare chaplains provide pastoral care and support by helping people of any religion or no religion identify sources of hope, comfort and peace. They assist patients and their families in spiritual distress to express pain and work towards healing. Chaplains can facilitate communication and cultural sensitivity. Chaplains also can provide religious sacraments, reading materials, prayer and a supportive presence.

Research shows that professional chaplains working as members of the interdisciplinary team facilitate goals of care discussions that can influence treatment compliance, and patient quality of life especially during the period of treatment.

Patient Education

VCU Health Cancer and Specialty Care provides books, pamphlets and videos covering a wide range of cancer topics for patients to browse.