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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you taking new patients?

Yes, and we try to schedule new patients as soon as possible.

How do I make an appointment?

Generally first time appointments are made by your referring physician. Follow up appointments may be made by calling 434-447-0876 for medical hematology-oncology and 434-447-0863 for radiation oncology.

What do I do if I think I have cancer?

Make an appointment with your primary care physician. He or she will evaluate you and determine what steps need to be taken.

How will I know the costs of my treatment?

Please check with your insurance company.

How long do the chemotherapy treatments take?

Chemotherapy consists of drugs that are usually given through the blood stream. The treatments may last from a few minutes to several hours depending on the complexity of treatments. But some chemotherapies are pills taken orally.

What is cancer?

Cancer is an abnormal growth of cells. Cancer cells are often shaped differently from healthy cells, they do not function properly and they can spread to many areas of the body. Tumors, or the abnormal growth of tissue, are clusters of cells that are capable of growing and dividing uncontrollably. Cancer is not one single disease, but a general term covering many diverse diseases. Each type of cancer has patterns that may differ from other types of cancer, and the same disease often affects one person differently from another. Because there are so many variables, different types of treatments are required and no one treatment is right for everyone. That’s why our physicians customize a course of treatment to meet each patient’s specific needs and condition.

When I arrive, what can I expect?

The doctors see patients on an appointment basis. Wheelchairs are available for patients who need assistance. When you arrive for your appointment, please be sure to check in with the receptionist. At that time, the receptionist will provide you with information and direct you to the appropriate area.

May I bring my children with me?

Visitors are limited to 18 and older; no minors are allowed in the building.