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Move better and feel good again.

Orthopaedic rehabilitation helps patients overcome musculoskeletal conditions – disorders or injury to the bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves and skin. If that list seems to constitute most of your body, you’re grasping how diverse and imperative our orthopaedics practice is for our patients. Orthopaedic rehab includes treatment of some household names: ACL reconstruction, RTC repair, neck and back pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, total joint replacements, ankle sprains and plantar fasciitis.

With one in seven Virginians experiencing musculoskeletal impairments, we treat a variety of pre-surgical and post-operative conditions, plus acute (urgent, such as a sprain or break) needs and chronic orthopaedic pain. We offer one-on-one care and longer appointment times than most private practices in the Richmond area.

Run right, feel better.

Our 3D Run Analysis offers runners the unique opportunity to evaluate and correct your stride. Fewer than 10 facilities in the U.S. offer this technology, and our orthopaedic physical therapists excel in working with athletes of all ages and abilities – from high school to late-age runners – to help them run in a way that won’t result in injury.

To participate in the 3D Run Analysis, patients should please avoid wearing tights, baggy shorts, or reflective clothing. Contact us to set up your 3D Run Analysis appointment.