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2018 Annual Public Reporting of Outcomes - Community Outreach

As part of our Commission on Cancer (CoC) Cancer Program Accreditation we are able to monitor and trend our oncology data. This data is then used to implement improvements and ensure VCU Community Memorial is providing the best possible care to our patients.

In 2017 VCU Community Memorial diagnosed and/or treated 337 cancer patients.  Below is a breakdown of the cancer sites seen during this period.

VCU Community Memorial Hospital 2017 Site Distribution List














Breast cancer is one of the top 5 cancers sites at VCU Community Memorial Hospital.  We have partnered with Susan G. Komen for 15 years to provide breast screening mammogram services to uninsured women in 3 counties.  The grant awarded in 2018 allowed VCU-CMH to serve women that were uninsured, age 40-64 years old and women who lived in Lunenburg, Mecklenburg and Brunswick counties.  The participants received educational information and either received a clinical breast exam at their physician office or in Occupational Health and Wellness.  The participant then had a screening mammogram and if needed an ultrasound was done. 

As a result of the grant from Susan G. Komen, there were 36 clinical breast exams performed and 2 participants who had breast ultrasounds.  The provider that sends the referral to the patient informs the participant of their results.  If the clinical breast exam is done at VCU CMH Occupational Health and Wellness office, the nurse practitioner will inform the participant of the results.  Thus far, for the 2018 grant cycle all results have been negative.  The participants are very appreciative for the program and many return yearly for their mammograms. 

VCU Community Memorial has met the goals and objectives of the grant and has resubmitted the grant application in hopes to continue this breast cancer prevention program.


Download a printable pdf here.