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Vaccine Champions

Take an important role in keeping our community healthy and safe

Woman wearing a mask and making a heart shape with her hands through a window

Whether you can dedicate a few minutes a day or an hour, each one of us can help increase confidence in COVID-19 vaccines among our friends, family, neighbors and community. Together, we help support the health and wellbeing of our community.

As a champion, we ask that you share your personal reasons for signing up to get vaccinated. And through our champion program, we will empower you with tools, i.e. regular emails and access to free, exclusive content enabling you to have more meaningful conversations.

By connecting with at least one person who may be concerned about getting vaccinated, you can make a difference. Champions are encouraged to make an impact in their own way, and if you want to share your story, we’d be happy to learn how you’re making a difference.

Become a Vaccine Champion

Join Community Members in Being Vaccine Champions

Each one of us can help make our community safe as a vaccine champion. Here are some reasons community members joined our vaccine champion program.

“I would love to encourage family and community members to receive the vaccine. I would love to promote a sense of responsibility and trust when it comes to receiving the vaccine, especially in the African American community.” - Stacie Boston

“I wasn't going to get the vaccine at first as I was influenced by false rumors and uncertainty, but after going through COVID, my perspective completely changed. I did my research and signed up for my first dose as soon as my tier opened.” - Michelle Rodriguez Davila

“With having doubts and concerns myself about the vaccine I feel I can give honest and constructive information to many in reference to the vaccine. I have already started talking to friends and family about my experience so far. And with my talking to them I was instrumental in 4 persons signing up to get vaccinated.” - Nicole Mckinney

Become a Vaccine Champion


Recorded Events:

How to be a Vaccine Champion

A virtual discussion about how you can combat COVID-19 as a vaccine champion.

By sharing what we know with our friends, family and neighbors, we can beat COVID-19. This one-hour program outlined how with special guest speaker Jeanine Guidry, PhD, Director of the VCU Media+ Health Lab.