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Track Personal Health Information Easily with MyChart Patient Portal

VCU Health now powers our electronic health records with MyChart, a global Electronic Health Record (EHR) solution that uses smart technology to make patients’ lives easier – and healthier. Get started with VCU Health MyChart!

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Quick Access to Your Health Information – Anywhere, Anytime

Health Summary

Patients will have access to health information for themselves and their family - MyChart data is all in one place.

Preventive Care

MyChart provides easy reminders so, you can be proactive about your health and wellness.


MyChart allows you to review current medications, with instructions on when and how to take medicines.

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Manage Appointments Online

With 24/7 access to your personal health information, our patients can manage appointments – at their convenience.

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Request and Refill Prescriptions

Don’t let empty prescription bottles surprise you – request a prescription renewal through MyChart. You can also send questions to your health care team about specific medications.

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Easily Request Medical Records

MyChart gives you the ability to quickly complete a medical record request form - all online. With everything in one place, you can review all requests over time in your MyChart Requested Records section.

Learn more about requesting Medical Records.

Find the Right Health Care for You

Nothing is more important for your health than getting to the right doctor – at the right time. MyChart allows you to find a provider – or a specialist for specific healthcare needs. Search for providers by name, specialty or location.

Find Care

Find a Provider

Patients can schedule appointments conveniently close to work or home. Search providers for your specific needs.

Find a Location

We have convenient locations available across central Virginia, so you can access care easily.

Get Virtual Care

MyChart provides options for telehealth appointments so you can use virtual care, if preferred.

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Connect and Communicate with Your Care Team

People have questions before or after appointments, so MyChart provides robust communication tools to connect and communicate with your care team. Just send a question, and your provider will get back to you with answers.

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Manage Your Family’s Health

MyChart provides single account capabilities to manage health information for all your family members. You can invite someone to a group, or your healthcare provider can connect accounts for easier and more convenient access.

Learn more about Proxy Access

Understand Billing and Insurance Information

MyChart has convenient access to balances, charges and recent payments. You can even use paperless billing for easier and more sustainable payment options.

Learn more about Paying Your Bill

Bill Pay and Payment Plans

Online payments are an easy option with MyChart capabilities – or set up payment plans with manageable payments.

Financial Assistance

MyChart provides financial information and the ability to request assistance online.

Billing Account Summary

For both clinic visits and hospital stays, MyChart brings everything together in one accessible billing account summary.

Insurance Summary

With health information all in one place, MyChart provides insurance coverage, claims and benefit details.


With pricing estimates for clinical fees, insurance benefits and self-pay charges, you will quickly know what to expect.

Insurance ID Cards

MyChart keeps track of your insurance information so you can quickly view a copy of health insurance cards.

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Find Answers with MyChart Help Center

If you have technical questions about using MyChart, we have the answers! Our Help Center also provides FAQs about finding care or how to use the added features and benefits that are new to VCU Health’s patient portal.

Visit our Help Center