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My VCU Health FAQs


1. How do I sign up for My VCU Health?
You can sign up now for immediate access! If you prefer to wait, ask your VCU Health provider for assistance at your next appointment or visit.

2. What can I do with My VCU Health?
My VCU Health allows you to actively participate in your own health care on your own schedule. With your secure login you can:

  • Send and receive secure messages with your health care team
  • Request prescription refills and view your medication list
  • Request appointments with current providers
  • Find new providers and request an appointment with them
  • View upcoming appointments
  • Read your provider’s notes from an office visit about your care and treatment
  • Be directed to health-education websites endorsed by VCU Health providers
  • Pay your bill

3. What information can I see?
My VCU Health allows you to see and share your private health information with others in your life. With your secure login you can see:

  • Your allergies
  • Lab results (available immediately when completed)
  • Radiology test results (available 4 days after official report is completed)
  • Pathology test results (available 4 days after official report is completed)
  • Blood pressure results
  • Your medications
  • Immunizations documented at VCU Health hospitals and clinics
  • List of active and resolved health issues
  • Office notes
  • Hospital discharge notes
  • Transition of care documents

5. Will I be able to see information from my appointment last year?
Yes, current information is posted immediately. Outpatient visit notes are available as far back as June 9, 2015.

Before 2004, most of VCU Health’s patient medical records were on paper. Information older than that is not available through My VCU Health. We are working each day to add features and give you greater access to your private health information. If you need information that is not available on My VCU Health, call our Health Information Management team at (804) 828-4423.

6. Can my child have a My VCU Health account? 
Absolutely! Children, from birth until their 13th birthday, can have a My VCU Health account, they just cannot manage it themselves. These accounts are managed by legal proxies (parents, legal guardians, etc.). You can enroll as a proxy for your child at their next appointment or visit. 

Between the ages of 13 and 18 both the patient and parent can have a portal account. The child’s account has full view of the portal contents, the proxy account will have a very limited view, with the ability to send and receive messages. Special circumstances apply to cognitively disabled children, please see your provider.

At the age of 18, the proxy account for a child will be eliminated. If the child wishes to have a proxy, the appropriate permissions must be granted (see below for details).

7. Is my health information secure with anyone I share it with?
Yes. We care about your privacy. Only you, and anyone you give proxy access, may have access to your health information on My VCU Health. A proxy is someone who has the authority, either legally or with expressed permission of an independent adult, to view private health information.

8. How do I share My VCU Health account with another adult? 
It depends on what type of legal responsibility you have. In most cases, a permission form is needed prior to granting access. You will need to know the email address of the adult you wish to grant proxy access to. Call Health Information Management at (804) 828-5501 to discuss your options.

9. Why is my proxy view limited at my child’s 13th birthday?
Under Virginia law, some health information about minors has additional privacy protections. In order to allow access, we had to limit the view to the parents.

10. How do I know if I have a message?
You will receive an email whenever your health care team sends a message to your My VCU Health account. For security reasons, the email will direct you to the My VCU Health home page where you can login to your account.

11. I need more help. What can I do?
Click on your name in the top right corner of your personal My VCU Health home page. A help feature is available there. If you need more assistance, contact our Health Information Management team at (804) 828-5501.

For questions about the information you see in My VCU Health, please contact your VCU Health provider or our Health Information Management at (804) 828-5501.

For any other issues, please call Cerner HealtheSupport at 1-877-621-8014 toll free, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.