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More Success Stories

“Recovery was a breeze! I did not take any pain medications after leaving the hospital.”
Debra Batchelder, 53, 95 lbs. lost


“I can take my shirt off at the pool and generally blend in rather than standing out!”
David Becker, 41, 170 lbs. lost



“The staff is very motivating, inspiring and extremely caring about everyone.”
Karen Catlett, 40, 100 lbs. lost



"I found the true Lisa...happy, healthy, energetic and full of life!"
Lisa  Cooper, 33, 273 lbs. lost




"I'm deeply grateful for such good care and for my vastly improved quality of health and life."
Sara Coxon, 54, 90 lbs lost



“My life is wonderful … I found out what the real definition is for ‘healthy’.”
Cheryl Cross, 59, 130 lbs lost



“To someone considering weight loss surgery, I would have to say that it's the best thing I've ever done.”
Arthur C. Daniel, Jr. 51, 185 lbs. lost



“I went from size 22-24 to size 2-4. I feel great!”
Elizabeth Leisure, 30, 144 lbs. lost



“My life turned around 180 degrees and it’s getting better every day.”
Jim Myers, 60, 140 lbs. lost



“I feel 20 years younger and had very little pain or discomfort after the surgery.”
Bob Simpson, 54, 120 lbs. lost



“I feel so much better and my diabetes, breathing and arthritis have improved.”
John E. Tabb, 63, 176 lbs. lost