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Our Programs

Center for Trauma and Critical Care Education

Established in 1980 as an outreach program providing education to the volunteer EMS community in Central Virginia, the VCU Center for Trauma and Critical Care Education offers training for medical center and community care providers. In 2013, more than 4,000 students participated in the center's 16 programs, whose topics include basic and advanced life support, trauma evaluation and management, EMT training and pediatric life support.

Injury and Violence Prevention Program

Our Injury and Violence Prevention Program, meanwhile, serves as a multidisciplinary coalition of health care providers dedicated to reducing and preventing injury and violence throughout Central Virginia. The IVPP tailors education programs to trauma patients and their families, and helps implement evidence-based injury and violence prevention interventions to support behavioral and environmental change.

International Trauma System Development Program

The international component of the Division of Acute Care Surgical Services, our International Trauma System Development Program focuses on expanding trauma systems and treatment in developing nations through collaborative projects.