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Support at Every Step

We take care of the entire patient – whether that’s you or your family members. You already know that our top-notch medical teams are delivering the best and tailored treatments. But we know that you might need something more.

That’s where our free supportive care programs come in. Some options can directly augment your treatment plan or help manage the day-in and day-out of medical care. And others create opportunities to put your medical worries aside for a few minutes and bring a smile to your face.

Find other support groups, seminars and classes on our events page.

Arts in Healthcare

Research shows that art can aid in the healing process – and we see that happen every day. Learn more about our programs that bring together arts, health and well-being.

Dogs on Call

Our certified therapy dogs provide important work in the healing process.

Extended Stay

If your medical needs require overnight travel from distances outside the Richmond area, our providers can refer you to accommodations at The Doorways, designed specifically for patients and their families – for just one night or a lengthy treatment path.

Helping Children of Adult Patients

Children of our adult patients sometimes need additional support during difficult times. Our team can help.

Integrated Holistic Practice

Improving patient health with lifestyle, integrative, holistic and functional medicine.

Music Therapy

One-on-one or group music therapy sessions with patients.

Nutrition Services

Healthful eating and smart food choices go a long way in improving your overall health, before and after treatment. Our registered dieticians provide tailored education and resources to help you.

Pastoral Care

Our chaplains provide the spiritual support you and your family need to find meaning in what’s going on in your health journey.

Social Work

Our licensed social workers help patients and families understand their health issues and empower them to participate in their care.