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Richmond children thank doctors, nurses at VCU Health

Child's art work with the words "Thank you for the hard work"

VCU Health invited the community to send notes of thanks to the doctors, nurses and bedside caregivers serving on the frontlines of COVID-19. We have been fortunate to receive many creative cards, letters and drawings from children. Here are some examples. Enjoy!


Drawing of a colorful hand

"Thank you for making people feel better"

- Claire Deamer, 9

Drawing of a red cross over a rainbow

"Thank you for helping sick people #VCUStrong" 

- Caroline Wells, 7

A message with colorful letters

"Thank you! You are true brave heroes"

- Unnamed 

A drawing of a doctor with hearts around him.

"Thank you for helping sick people." 

- Madision

A letter with a large pink heart around the text

"Dear Docters and Nurses, I thank you so much for helping us through this hard time. You are working so hard to keep everyone healthy and make them feel better while staying healthy yourself. We will remember you in our prayers and you fight the virus. All your hard work is appreciated."

- Addison Cotton, 9 

Drawing of a nurse

"Dear Doctors and Nurses, Thank you for being there for us when we need you. You work very hard and you always have our backs! Stay safe and may God bless the rest of your life with love, joy and patience."

- Nora


Drawing of a face with a mask on

"Thank you for helping the sick people. We are staying home for you."

- Eva Douglas, 6