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Mother of two wins 3-month battle with COVID-19

In video, Corrinne Townsend describes the challenges she faced in her recovery. 

Corrinne Townsend, her husband, Hayden Townsend, and their two sons Corrine and Hayden Townsend with their two sons

By Dedrain Davis

Body weakness and a persistent cough sent Corrine Townsend to her local urgent care. She thought she’d be out in an hour or so, armed with a prescription perhaps, or an over-the-counter medication. What Corrine didn’t know was that that visit would be the beginning of a 3-month battle with COVID-19.

Sent to the hospital, Corrine quickly learned how sick she was. Her outlook was questionable. 

“There were a lot of breakdown moments and uncertainty and ‘what if’s? I had to prepare myself for every scenario,” said Hayden Townsend, her husband.

Corrine was transferred to VCU Medical Center, where she began her recovery.

Isolation proved daunting

Corrine quickly discovered that when you’re in the hospital for COVID-19, you’re not only fighting for your life, you’re doing so without the hugs and gentle pats on the arm of your friends and family. Strict visitor restrictions to prevent disease spread meant her husband and young sons couldn’t even hold her hand.

This isolation, she said, made recovery much more difficult as the months went by.

“When I walked into the hospital that day, I never imagined that I could’ve died without kissing my kid’s goodbye, giving them a hug or saying good-bye to my husband.”

The care teams at VCU Health went above and beyond to meet her emotional needs, she said.

“Not only did they keep me physically safe but mentally, they kept me encouraged and motivated me to not give up. They took the time to remind me that I’m still a person, I’m still a human. That it’s okay to have bad day, but you’re going to do this. And we’re going to do this together.”

Sheltering Arms Institute provided rehabilitation

The compassionate care at VCU Health saved Corrine’s life, but it was the expert therapy at Sheltering Arms Institute that got Corrine back on her feet.

‘I’m back to a point where I feel comfortable to push and challenge myself,” Corrine said.

Words of advice

Reflecting on her 3-month ordeal and the fears that came with it, Corrine asked, “If all you had to do to save a life was wear a mask, would you wear it?”

Amazed that some don’t take the disease seriously, she answered, “If wearing a mask can save one person, it seems like a no brainer. Why wouldn’t you wear the mask?”

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