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7 Spooky snacks to enjoy during a socially distant Halloween at home

Banana Ghosts

You can still have your tricks and your treats this Halloween. Bump up the fear factor and dress up some of your favorite eats with a spread of ghosts, monsters, and spiders. From Frankenguac to mummy pizzas, these scary but nutritious snacks are sure to thrill everyone. Have a spooktacularly fun, safe, and socially distant Halloween night at home! 


Banana ghosts


Spooky and nutritious! Full of health benefits, bananas are known to be one of the best fruit sources of vitamin B6. 


How to: Peel a banana and slice in half. Add three raisins (or mini chocolate chips) for the eyes and mouth.


Black olive spider dip


Nothing is going to come between us and a delicious 7-layer dip. Not even spiders. 


How to: Spread bean dip or 7-layer bean dip on a platter. Make a spiderweb with shredded mozzarella cheese. Or draw with sour cream by placing in a piping bag, or plastic food bag, with one corner cut off leaving a tiny hole. Cut black olives in half for the body. Slice the other half into eight legs. Place spiders on the web.




Guacamole never looked so spooky! Avocados are low in sugar and a good source of vitamins. They contain monounsaturated fat, a "good" fat that helps lower bad cholesterol, as long as you enjoy them in moderation.


How to: Place guacamole in a platter in the shape of a rectangle. Put blue corn chips at the shorter top end for Frankenstein’s hair. Use sliced black olives for eyes, and cut into strips to make mouth and scars. Put whole black olives on 2 sides of the rectangle for his nuts and bolts. Serve with raw veggies and black corn chips.


Monster Mouths


Monster mouths


As the old saying says, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”


How to: Cut a green apple into quarters. Turn over to the peel side, and cut out the center across the length to make the mouth. Spread a little nut butter in the mouth. Add sliced almonds or mini marshmallows for teeth. Attach candy eyes, or mini chocolate chips with a little nut butter.


Carrot fingers


Crunchy, tasty and super nutritious, carrots are a good source of beta carotene, fiber, vitamin K1, potassium, and antioxidants.


Hot to: Peel carrots and cut into finger lengths. Make several cuts across two areas on the finger to indicate the knuckles. Cut red or green peppers into small, narrow fingernails and attach with cream cheese.  Serve with hummus or your favorite dip.


Deviled egg brains


A fun and creepy recipe fit for a zombie.


How to: Boil eggs, peel, then cut in half and remove yolk. Prepare yolk filling with your favorite recipe, but add a small amount of red food coloring to reach the color of a fleshy, pink brain. Place filling in a piping bag, or plastic food bag, with one corner cut off leaving a tiny hole. Fill with yolk filling then create wiggly lines to look like a brain.


Mummy Pizzas


Mummy pizza


Thanks to a little creativity, your basic pizza becomes a totally spooky Halloween dish.


How to: For each mummy, spread pizza sauce on one slice of bread.  Cut 1 slice of white cheese into thin strips. Lay strips across the sauce unevenly to look like bandages. Add 2 sliced olives for eyes. Heat in a 350-degrees F oven to melt cheese slightly and toast the bread.


Recipes adapted by Mary-Jo Sawyer, VCU Health Registered Dietitian