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VCU Health CMH Team Member of the Month

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Photo Caption: (Left to Right) Mary Hardin, Vice President of Patient Care Services, VCU Health Community Memorial Hospital presented Jannifer Acludia-Watson, Care Partner in Acute Care, the VCU Health CMH STAR Service Team Member of the Month Award for September.  There to congratulate Jannifer was Melissa Black, Acute Care Nursing Director.

Jannifer has been employed at VCU Health CMH for almost one year.  Her dedication and compassion for others are just two of the qualities that make her a wonderful asset to VCU Health CMH.  The nomination form submitted on her behalf stated, “I witnessed Jannifer stop eating her lunch in the Café and assisted an elderly visitor who was having obvious trouble getting her food.  Jannifer purchased the food for the elderly person and prepared the visitor’s meal to eat by opening the food items and the packaged silverware.  Jannifer helped this person in need without hesitation, while taking time from her own lunch break.  She showed compassion for this visitor as she does for patients in the hospital.  Jannifer demonstrates what star service is all about!”

Jannifer has five children and just enjoys helping people every chance she gets.  When asked what words of wisdom she would give other employees, she stated, “Always do your best and treat everyone as if they were a member of your family.”

In addition to the award certificate, Jannifer received a STAR Service lapel pin, letter of commendation from Administration, a $40 gift certificate, and a parking place of her choice for the month.