Our Committees


Established in June 2014, the VCU Health PFAC is our very first Patient & Family Advisory Committee. The work of these patients and families focuses on projects that impact the entire health system.

Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU’s Family Advisory Network (CHoR FAN)

One year old and going strong. CHoR FAN is comprised of families and team members who are dedicated to improving the delivery of care at CHoR. CHoR FAN works with the healthcare team to improve the patient experience and offer the family perspective to workgroups and committees.

“It has been empowering to feel like a part of the care team as parent and that our input a part of CHoR FAN is truly respected, desired, valued, and can be put into practice when possible.” – Elizabeth Burnett, Patient & Family Advisor, CHoR FAN 

Massey Cancer Center PFAC

Established in August 2016, the Massey Cancer Center PFAC consists of patients and caregivers who work with multidisciplinary Massey Cancer Center healthcare teams to bring forward the voice of the patients, their family members and caregivers to impact and enhance the entire cancer care experience.

Complex Care PFAC

This PFAC is comprised of patients and caregivers from the VCU Center for Advanced Health Management (CAHM), VCU House Calls and Transitional Care, and the VCC or Virginia Coordinated Care Clinic. Going into their second year, these advisors are focusing on learning about the Honoring Choices – Advance Care Planning initiative at the health system and how best to educate and support patients and families in making their choices known to their healthcare providers through advanced medical directive (AMD) planning and documentation.

“When I was first asked if I wanted to join I wasn’t sure if I would get anything out of it. After a few meetings I was impressed. Talking among all of us is a learning experience. I have learned so much about so many things. I enjoy giving my opinion on all sorts of things. It’s important to me to be part of a group of people trying to make sure the patients, health, and medical decisions are respected. And we’re doing things that could change the patient experience at VCU Medical Center.” – Carol Lee, Patient & Family Advisor, Complex Care PFAC 

Neuroscience, Orthopedic, and Wellness (N.O.W) Center PFAC

One of our newest Patient & Family Advisory Committees, the members of the N.O.W PFAC are focused on improving the patient experience at the N.O.W building. They look at the processes and procedures that directly impact their patients and provide feedback on how to make the experience better for the N.O.W patients.

VCU Ryan White HIV/AIDS Consumer Advisory Board

The Common Ground Consumer Advisory Board ensures all clinics operate in the best interests of people of all ages, genders, living circumstances and cultures living with HIV/AIDS. Our Patient patients provide a critical and necessary perspective on the development, implementation, and evaluation of programs and services that are designed to meet their needs.

Facility Design PFAC

These patients and family members are working to design new ambulatory and inpatient facilities. Not only do they provide feedback into the design of these facilities, but will also be involved in the development of new processes that will improve the patient experience in these brand new facilities.

“I had the honor of joining the PFAC prior to the opening of the N.O.W facility in Richmond’s West End. Our committee has the opportunity to assist the highly qualified professional healthcare team in making practical decisions that positively impact the patient experience. As patient or family members ourselves, we see the N.O.W Center through your eyes. Be assured that with time, commitment and perseverance we are helping to make the N.O.W Center a patient and family focused facility.” – Mimi Herington, Patient & Family Advisor, N.O.W Center PFAC and Facility Design PFAC