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What We Do

CHEC staff member details health resources for visitors in an open sitting area.A full-time health sciences librarian, library assistant and a trained staff of volunteers and students help patients and their family members find reliable health information written in easy-to-understand language. Visitors will find consumer-level information in a variety of formats for use within the center.

  • Books –  print references on topics such as: diabetes, cancer, anatomy, hepatitis, rare diseases, pregnancy, children’s health, arthritis, asthma, prescription drugs, heart health, lupus and many others.
  • Magazines – more than 30 health-related titles such as Diabetes Forecast, Cooking Light, Arthritis Today, Heart Advisor, Mayo Clinic Women’s Healthsource, Harvard Men’s Health Watch, Harvard Heart Letter, Consumer Reports on Health, The Harvard Health Letter, Harvard Mental Health Letter, Parenting and The Johns Hopkins Medical Letter Health After 50.
  • Videos – videos on a variety of health-related topics including diabetes, heart health, smoking cessation, child health, pregnancy and many other topics. Visitors to the center can view these videos in the video room. Staff can also identify video clips for patients to view online.
  • Reading Area – comfortable reading area with two large tables with seating, allowing guests plenty of room to read books or use a laptop. Electrical and Ethernet outlets are located near the study tables.
  • A little girl fits shapes into a puzzleChildren’s Area – games, puzzles and many children’s picture books on health-related topics. Parents and health-professionals can use these books to explain to children pediatric health conditions and also to explain to them about their parent’s illness. Books include among many others: “Poppa Bear Gets Diabetes,” “Fall of Freddie the Leaf” and “Going to the Dentist.”
  • Public Computers – seven public Internet computers.
  • WiFi/Ethernet – If you have your own laptop, you can use the guest WiFi. An Ethernet outlet is also available.
  • Multilingual Services – We provide some research assistance guiding patrons to multilingual health information sources.
  • Health and Wellness Displays – We offer regular displays and free monthly presentations over the lunch hour.
  • Free Business Services for patients and families for health-related concerns:
    • Printing
    • Photocopying
    • Fax Services
    • Charging station
    • Scannex

“This is a valued resource for the hospital and surrounding community.”