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Previous Clinics (2020)

Review topics we covered in previous Virginia Opioid Addiction ECHO clinics. 

Jan 17, Safety and Efficacy of CBD and THC for Medical Conditions 

Presented by Megan Lemay, MD

Jan 31, Implementing Group Therapy
Presented by Lori Keyser-Marcus, PhD and Courtney Holmes, PhD

Feb 21, Pharmacotherapy for Methamphetamines
Presented by Gerry Moeller, MD

Mar 6, The Opioid Epidemic: Where We Are, How We Got Here, and What Are We Doing to Get Out of It
Presented by Gerry Moeller, MD

Mar 20, Opioids: Have We Gone Too Far? Are Patients Suffering or Doing the Right Thing?
Presented by Andrew Chapman, MD

April 3, Hep C and Opioids
Presented by Richard Sterling, MD

April 17, Helping Special Populations with SUD
Presented by Ari Laoch, MS, LPC

May 1, Synthetic Drugs
Presented by John Downs, MD, MPH