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Previous Clinics (2019)

Review topics we covered in previous Virginia Opioid Addiction ECHO clinics. Visit our Curriculum and Calendar for upcoming clinic topics.

01/04/19, Trauma Informed Care and Treating Those Experiencing Opioid Addiction
Led by Courtney Holmes, PhD

01/18/19, Syringe Exchange
Led by Anna Scialli, MSW, MPH

02/01/19, Substance Abuse in Hospice and Palliative Care
Led by Danielle Norieka, MD

02/15/19, Naltrexone
Led by Mishka Terplan, MD

03/01/19, Pharmacotherapy for Co-Occurring Use Disorders
Led by Gerard Moeller, MD

03/15/19, Policy and Mothers Experiencing SUD
Led by Valerie L'Herrou, JD

03/29/19, Motivational Interviewing
Led by Keyser-Marcus, PhD and Courtney Holmes, PhD

04/05/19, Medical and Non-Medical Cannabis: An Evidence-Based Review
Led by Mishka Terplan, MD

04/19/19, Addressing the Vocational Needs of People with SUD
Led by Rebecca Farthing, MS, CRC and Elizabeth Phillips, MS, CRC

05/03/19, Peer Recovery from OUDs
Led by Tom Bannard, MBA

05/17/19, Chronic Pain Self Management Program
Led by Joyce Nussbaum

06/07/19, Relationship Centered Care and Shared Decision Making
Led by Lori Cathers, PhD

06/21/19, Primary Care Bootcamp: Common Medical Conditions and SUDs
Led by Megan Lemay, MD

07/19/19, Virginia Mandated CPS Reporting Guidelines
Led by Valerie L'Herrou, JD

08/02/19, Mindfulness for Healthcare Professionals
Led by Patricia Kinser, PhD, RN

08/16/19, Pain Management and Prescribing for Dental and Surgical Procedures
Led by Omar Abubaker, DMD, PhD

10/04/19, Injectable Buprenorphine and Naloxone XR: Experiences in the Field
Led by Dr. Albert Arias and Sunny Kim, NP

10/18/19, PROUD (Prevention and Recovery from Opioid Use Disorder) Program: Using the "Yale Model" for MAT Treatment
Led by Dr. Ben Fickenscher

11/01/19, Incorporating Pharmacotherapy for Alcohol Use Disorder into your Practice
Led by Dr. Albert Arias

11/15/19, Diversion Red Flags
Led by Olivia Norman, District Attorney for the United States

12/06/19, Trauma Informed Care: An Overview 
Led by Anika Alvanzo, MD