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Previous Clinics (2018)

Review topics we covered in previous Virginia Opioid Addiction ECHO clinics. Visit our Curriculum and Calendar for upcoming clinic topics.

11/02/18, Fentanyl derivatives: The elephant tranquilizer in the room

Led by Kirk Cumpston, MD

Learning Objectives:
1. Compare and contrast the clinical effects of opioid overdose with fentanyl derivatives to that of heroin.
2. Describe the changes in management of an opioid overdose with fentanyl derivatives.

11/16/18, Chronic Pain and OUDs
Led by Thokozeni Lipato, MD

Learning Objectives:
1. Recognize characteristics of opioid use disorder.
2. Identify major risk factors for opioid overdose among individuals on chronic opioid therapy.

11/30/18, Office Based Opioid Treatment using the DMAS Model
Led by Ke'Shawn Harper, MIS

Learning Objectives:
1. Overview of the DMAS Medicaid OBOT model.
2. DMAS OBOT reimbursement.

12/07/18, Pharmacotherapy for AUD
Led by Megan Lemay, MD

Learning Objectives:
1. Identify patients who are candidates for pharmacotherapy for alcohol use disorder.
2. Discuss the benefits, risks and use of medications for alcohol use disorder.