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COVID-19 Updates

VCU Health is committed to your safety and care during the COVID-19 pandemic. We specialize in treating patients with complex illnesses and take infection-prevention seriously. Read about the latest news, updates and recommendations from our team of experts.

Latest COVID-19 Information

Relentlessly exploring new ways to improve human life.

We’ll do whatever it takes to offer the best in care and empower the best in quality of life. And it’s an approach that works — whether it’s a patient who undergoes a new, life-saving procedure or a clinical researcher who finds promise in a new cancer treatment, exciting new medicine is happening at VCU Health.

Building better health
for the commonwealth.

At VCU Health, we work hard to improve the lives of our patients - both those we care for today and those that will benefit from our research advances tomorrow. Learn more about how we are building spaces that inspire health and well-being.

Building Projects

Finding causes and cures, bringing breakthrough treatments to our patients

Research at VCU Health