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Can I pay my bills on-line?

 Bill pay is now available through our patient portal.  Please DO NOT attempt to pay your CMH Orthopedic bill by using the CMH website as we are two different systems.

How do I obtain a prescription refill?

To obtain a prescription refill, please bring all medications with you to your scheduled office visit. If medications are not refilled at that time, you may have to wait up to 48 hours before your refill can be completed.  It is important you bring all medications to every office visit.

What do I need to bring with me to my appointment?

You should bring your insurance card and all medications you are taking as well as any over-the-counter medications.   If you choose not to bring the actual bottles, you can elect to bring an updated list.  The list should include the name of the medication, dosage (mg or ml), and how often you are to take the medication.  Also bring your copay or deposit if you are self-pay.

What if I have a question after hours?

After normal office hours, urgent calls are handled by the provider on-call.  To reach the provider on call you should contact CMH Operator at 434-447-3151, option 0.  For emergencies, you should go to the nearest Emergency Room.  For questions of a non-urgent nature, you should call our office during regular business hours.

Why am I receiving a separate bill for my durable medical equipment (crutches, brace, boot)?

CMH Orthopedics does not maintain the durable medical equipment that we have on-site.  We work with a separate vendor called Bregg.  We do not purchase this equipment and therefore we do not bill for the equipment.  If one of our providers gave you durable medical equipment during your visit, such as a set of crutches, or a knee brace, or a cam boot for your foot, Bregg bills your insurance for these item(s) and receives payment from your insurance.   If your insurance does not cover all or a portion of the cost, then you may receive a separate bill from Bregg.   If you have questions about a bill for any durable medical equipment you should refer to the paperwork given to you at your visit.  The cover page lists all their contact information.

Where is the office located?

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Am I required to pay a deposit if I have surgery?

If you are a self-pay patient (no insurance) you are required to pay a portion of the charge before the nurse can schedule your surgery when it is non-emergent.  You will also need to contact VCU Health Community Memorial Hospital  to discuss down payment for the hospital charges as we cannot help you with that portion of your bill.

If you are a patient that has insurance, you are not required to pay a down payment as we will file your insurance(s) accordingly.