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About our Team

At CMH Orthopedics, our clinical team includes two M.D.’s, one Physician Assistant, one Nurse Practitioner, three Licensed Practical Nurses, two full-time Radiologic Technologists, one PRN Radiologic Technologist.  Our clerical team includes Receptionist, Check-out/Charge Entry, and the Office Manager.


Our providers diagnose and treat patients of all ages to restore loss of function due to injury or disease, to enhance the quality of life for patients with chronic conditions, to correct abnormalities, and to educate patients in the prevention of injury or disease.  Our providers work together to ensure that every patient receives the treatment and services needed to return to a productive lifestyle.  In order to assess your condition and determine the best course of treatment for you, the provider may order x-rays or other tests before determining your diagnosis.

Health Tip

(HealthDay News) -- Lower back pain is among the leading causes of missed work in the United States. Fortunately, you can take steps to reduce your risk of hurting yourself.

The American Council on Exercise suggests these techniques for proper lifting:

  • Ask for help if you are trying to lift something that's too heavy.

  • Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, and stand as close as possible to the object you're lifting.

  • Bend at the knees, never at the waist. Lift with your legs, not your back.

  • Contract your abdominal muscles when you lift to support your back.

  • Hold the object close to your body as you lift.

  • Don't twist or bend while lifting a heavy object.

Other Resources

Our providers are always available to answer any questions you may have in regards to patient education; and they would like to provide the following website to you for additional reference materials/ education.

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