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Patient Support

At the Hume-Lee Transplant Center at Virginia Commonwealth University, we ensure patients and donors are comfortable with the process before, during and after transplantation.

Our patients are invited to attend a support group that meets twice a month, as well as access downloadable patient publications and helpful links to additional resources. Since nutrition plays an important role in a patient’s transplant journey, our clinical dietitians share some timely nutrition tips online for patients, family and friends alike.

We also offer information about multiple center listings for patients who are eligible to register at two or more transplant centers. Additionally, our center provides educational outreach to those interested in learning more about organ transplantation.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact one of our Outreach Coordinators:

Kidney Transplant Outreach Coordinator
Kim Johnson, MS
(804) 219-7519

Liver Transplant Outreach
Allison Lewis, MSN, RN
(804) 297-7670

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