Research studies

Patient studies

Hume-Lee Tissue Bank (Formerly Liver Tissue Cell Procurement and Distribution System – N01DK70004)

Major goals: To collect, store and distribute normal and diseased liver tissue and polycystic kidney tissue to researchers worldwide (2007-present)
Principal investigator: Adrian Cotterell, M.D.
Sponsor: NIH (2007-12), Irvin Liver Transplant Research Fund, VCUHS

Studies of Pediatric Liver Transplantation (SPLIT): A Multi-Center Prospective Study to Collect Scientific Data on Pediatric Liver Transplantation (2001-present)

Major goals: This study is comprised of a community of liver care centers whose goal is to increase the knowledge doctors have about current treatment for liver disease and liver transplants in children. Data is collected on patient graft survival, incidents of rejection, growth, immunosuppressants, risk factors, mortality and morbidity.
Principal investigator: Adrian Cotterell
Sponsor: The SPLIT Data Coordinating Center, EMMES Corp.

Transplant Registry

Major goals: To compile data on patients with conditions relating to, or leading to, transplantation. This IRB-approved database has been invaluable in evaluating efficacy of treatments and in the publication of papers for professional journals.
Principal investigator: Adrian Cotterell, M.D.
Sponsor: VCUHS

An Historical-Cohort, Multi-center, Observational Study to Identify and Characterize Calcineurin Inhibitor Usage Patterns Post-Transplant and Impact Allograft Outcome (CNI Switching Chart Review) – Protocol IM103-155

Principal investigator: Anne King, M.D.
Sponsor: Bristol-Myers Squibb

Animal model studies

Allogenic and Xenogenic Hepatocyte and Stem Cell Transplantation to Rescue an Animal Model of Liver Failure – IACUC #AD10000635

Major goals: Using a well-known mouse and rat model for liver failure, we hope to develop an assay for testing the viability of hepatocytes and their ability to rescue an animal from terminal liver failure.
Principal investigator: Amit Sharma, M.D.
Sponsor: Irvin Liver Transplant Research Fund

Strategies to Improve Outcomes after Pancreatic Islet and Stem Cell Transplantation in Rodent Model – IACUC #AD10000785

Major goals: Cell transplantation is advantageous in liver failure and refractory fragile diabetes. Cell transplantation is limited by the shortage of whole organs for primary cell extraction. We investigate the ability to generate islet-like and hepatocyte-like cells from alternative cell sources that include induced pluripotent and mesenchymal stem cells. Using animal models of organ failure, we aim to optimize the conditions for transplantation.
Principal investigator: Amit Sharma, M.D.
Sponsor: Irvin Liver Transplant Research Fund