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Center for Molecular Imaging

Center for Molecular Imaging

Shaping the future of molecular medicine
The Center for Molecular Imaging integrates molecular imaging and molecular medicine with systems biology approaches to understand disease complexity, promising to provide predictive, preventative and personalized medicine that will transform health care.

The Center for Molecular Imaging at the VCU Medical Center is designed to foster multidisciplinary molecular imaging research using advanced imaging technologies that together provide real-time in-vivo information, complemented with ex-vivo data. The center’s objective is to study biological systems and interactions at the molecular, cellular and tissue level in their intact environment.

The center has a focus in cancer and neuroscience research, and is gradually expanding to other disciplines as collaborations grow. The center has a collaborative cancer imaging program with the VCU Massey Cancer Center, including its programs of Radiation Biology and Oncology, Cancer Cell Biology and Molecular Cancer Therapeutics. The center is also closely linked to the Department of Pathology, including its molecular pathology laboratory.

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Center for Molecular Imaging
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PO Box 980031
Richmond, VA 23298-0031
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