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Injury and Violence Prevention

Injury and Violence Prevention

VCU Medical Center is the only Level I Trauma Center in central Virginia, receiving greater than 80% of all injuries occurring in Richmond. An average of 4,000 patients per year are admitted to VCU Medical Center secondary to gun shot wounds, stabbings, assaults and motor vehicle crashes. Despite the excellent clinical care of our trauma center, many people are unaware that within 5 years between 10- 40% of our victimized patients will be re-injured, and 20% will die. Similarly, many are unaware that more patients between ages 1-34 years are lost to injury and violence compared to all other causes of death combined.

It is clear that our efforts must extend beyond the “treat and street” solution. Urban academic medical centers, like ours, have a unique window of opportunity to engage our injured patients in hospital intervention programs and be an entry point to the various injury and violence reduction programs in the community. We believe that this new paradigm of a hospital-community based injury and violence prevention and intervention program, that is multidisciplinary, collaborative and evidence-based, can serve as a model for the rest of the hospitals in the community and throughout the Commonwealth.

For more information about the Trauma Program, please call 827-0708 and visit the Injury and Violence Prevention Program website listed below.
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