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Pediatrics - Age 3 to Adult

Main 7 Central is a 27-bed pediatric unit for children ages three to adult. Using the Primary Nursing model, quality care is delivered to this diverse group of acute and chronic patients on a 24-hours-per-day, seven-days-per-week basis, with a family-centered approach throughout the patient's hospital stay.

Conditions and diagnoses most frequently treated on the unit include, though are not limited to, the following:

cystic fibrosis,
cardiology/cardiac surgery,
metabolic disorders,
general surgery and
genetic and child abuse/neglect cases.






News and events

October 5, 2012
Conference: Steppingstones to Excellence in Wound Care

October 10, 2012
Conference: 6th Annual Pediatric & Neonatal Conference for Acute and Critical Care Nurses

November 16, 2012
Conference: 13th Annual Heart Matters




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