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Pediatrics - Newborn to Age 2

Main 7 East is a 16-bed pediatric unit for newborns through age two, with 12 general care beds and four Intermediate level beds. Using the Primary Nursing model, quality care is delivered to this diverse group of acute and chronic patients on a 24-hours-per-day, seven-days-per-week basis, with a family-centered approach throughout the patient's hospital stay.

Conditions and diagnoses most frequently treated on the unit include, though are not limited to, the following:

cardiology/cardiac surgery,
metabolic disorders,
general surgery,
genetic and
child abuse/neglect cases.






News and events

October 5, 2012
Conference: Steppingstones to Excellence in Wound Care

October 10, 2012
Conference: 6th Annual Pediatric & Neonatal Conference for Acute and Critical Care Nurses

November 16, 2012
Conference: 13th Annual Heart Matters




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