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Cardiac Catherization Laboratory

The Cardiac Catherization Laboratory consists of four procedure rooms and a holding area. The patient population includes adult and pediatric patients for diagnosis and treatment of coronary artery and valvular heart disease, congenital heart defects and patients with cardiac rhythm disturbances. Procedures performed include diagnostic right and left catheterization, Percutaneous coronary intervention to include balloon angioplasty, coronary stenting, athrectomy, valvuloplasty, cardiac biopsy and pericardiocentesis.

Invasive and noninvasive cardiac electrophysiology procedures including pacemaker and internal cardiac defibrillator implants are performed. Pediatric procedures include diagnostic catheterization and catheterization for follow-up of congenital defects, valve and vessel (coarctation of aorta) dilation, vascular stenting, balloon arterial septostomy, coiling of vascular structures, cardiac biopsy and septal occlusion devices. Care is provided by registered nurses, registered radiologic technicians and technicians. There are two full-time registered nurse research coordinators.






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October 5, 2012
Conference: Steppingstones to Excellence in Wound Care

October 10, 2012
Conference: 6th Annual Pediatric & Neonatal Conference for Acute and Critical Care Nurses

November 16, 2012
Conference: 13th Annual Heart Matters




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