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Security Care

This is a 20-bed locked unit for adult patients who are incarcerated for a criminal offense. Patients are admitted from Virginia Correctional Facilities. Most medical/surgical services provided in the hospital can be managed on this unit including progressive care needs and telemetry. The unit operates on a 24-hour basis seven days a week with Security Officers on duty at all times.

Frequent diagnoses/conditions seen are:

HIV+ related diagnoses,
End-stage renal disease,
Diabetes Mellitus,
Vascular surgery,
Orthopaedic repair,
Oncology Liver failure Palliative Care

The average age ranges from 28 to 48 years old. Policies and procedures are in place to provide the required security for the unit while caring for the patients. Even though security is provided by the Virginia Department of Corrections and nursing is provided by the VCU Health System, we work as a team to decide what is medically best for our patients and what is safe for the staff and community






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October 5, 2012
Conference: Steppingstones to Excellence in Wound Care

October 10, 2012
Conference: 6th Annual Pediatric & Neonatal Conference for Acute and Critical Care Nurses

November 16, 2012
Conference: 13th Annual Heart Matters




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