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Some highlights of the STICU

Unit Accomplishments
In March, 2008, the STICU became the first unit at VCUMC to receive the AACN- Beacon Award. This award recognizes excellence in critical care, evidence based practices with positive patient outcomes, healthy work environment and nursing research.
30% of the eligible nursing staff holds certification in critical care (CCRN). The STICU has an active support system to encourage and prepare staff to achieve and maintain certification.
85% of the nursing staff has a BSN or higher degrees
62 % of eligible nursing staff has advanced to Clinical Nurse III and Clinical Nurse IV levels within The Professional Advancement Program.

The STICU uses a shared governance model to engage and develop nursing staff to improve patient outcomes, advance nursing practice, promote professional accountability and foster a healthy work environment. The unit structure consists of the following committees: Leadership Team, Evidence Based Practice, Education, Scheduling, Family Centered Care and Recognition and Retention.

Evidence Based Practice
The STICU strives to provide the best care using evidence based practice to improve patient outcomes. Through nursing autonomy and empowerment, STICU bedside nurses are leaders who have developed nurse driven protocols to dramatically decrease the incidence of catheter related bloodstream infection and ventilator associated pneumonia. These protocols have been adopted hospital wide with sustained reductions in nosocomial infections. In collaboration with the Wound Care Team, STICU nursing staff championed the use of a colloidal skin care product to decrease the incidence of sacral pressure ulcers. Results of this work have been shared nationally. Currently, a nursing research study to replicate the project is underway.

Family Centered Care
The STICU has implemented the Critical Care Family Assistance Program (CCFAP) which was developed by the CHEST Foundation to respond to the needs of families of critically ill patients. The unit's CCFAP program is led by Janet Holloway, RN, BS, Clinical Nurse IV, who collaborates with bedside nurses, interdisciplinary team members and families to coordinate resources and family care conferences while supporting family presence. The CCFAP is upheld by the STICU's strong commitment to relationship based care and flexible visiting hours

Community Outreach
STICU nurses mentor many students from various schools and programs, including nursing, paramedic, and military Special Forces.
The STICU is active in VCU Department of Trauma Injury and Violence Prevention Program. Christi Adams, RN, Nurse Clinician for the STICU is the program leader for the GR-ACY program (Get Real: Alcohol Choices and Consequences for Youth). Through interactive educational workshops, simulation activities and direct observation of trauma patients, the choices and consequences involved in alcohol and drug related activities are explored. Participants observe the real life consequences of drinking alcohol and driving by observing patients being cared for in the STICU. Bedside nurses mentor the GR-ACY participants throughout the program.






News and events

October 5, 2012
Conference: Steppingstones to Excellence in Wound Care

October 10, 2012
Conference: 6th Annual Pediatric & Neonatal Conference for Acute and Critical Care Nurses

November 16, 2012
Conference: 13th Annual Heart Matters




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