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CVCCD’s Consumer Advisory Board is a group of persons with, or affected by, a bleeding disorder that meets on a routine basis to provide guidance, feedback and suggestions to the treatment center in an effort to help the center provide the most appropriate patient care.

The current roles of the CAB include:

  • offering suggestions for program planning

  • offering feedback about clinic brochures, Web site and newsletters

  • providing a forum for consumer feedback to the treatment center

  • advising the HTC on policies that affect patient care

  • advocating on behalf of consumers on legislative issues affecting the bleeding disorders community

The CAB was formed in October 2004. It currently consists of six members. CAB members represent a diverse cross-section of the patient population based on diagnosis, gender, race/ethnicity, age and geographic location. The CAB meets formally twice a year. CAB Chair Lauren Dunn is the center’s social worker. Only CAB members have voting rights. Meetings are open to the public and any member of the bleeding disorders community may present issues to the board.



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